Bob Goltz & Dustin Shivvers Accept New Vice President Roles at Shivvers Mfg., Inc.

As we continue to position Shivvers Mfg., Inc. & subsidiary Country Clipper Zero-Turn Mowers for the future, we recognize a vital component to sustained growth & a long future lies in a dedicated & stable leadership team. As such, we are very excited to welcome two changes in Senior Management positions as we continue to structure the organization to facilitate success for generations to come.

Bob Goltz, our current VP of Sales, has played an important role in supporting both our sales and operational functions throughout his tenure at Shivvers and will now become our Vice President of Operations and Sales. In this role he will to oversee product quality, operations planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and product fulfillment functions for both divisions of Shivvers Mfg., Inc. Goltz will also continue to oversee sales for each division.

In addition to his role as National Sales Manager for the Grain Drying Division, Dustin Shivvers has also been promoted to Vice President of Strategy & Marketing. Dustin has served as Marketing Manager throughout his time with the company and will continue to oversee marketing strategy for the organization. Under his new senior management responsibilities, Dustin will work with senior leaders in both divisions to develop, facilitate, and align long-range goals and objectives as the enterprise continues its progressive growth journey.

Bob and Dustin join alongside other executive members Brenda Campbell, VP of Administration, and Carl Shivvers, President.

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