Country Clipper engine guard.

Cutting corners is for lawns, not innovation. If you’ve ever run into a problem while mowing, you can bet our designers have too. But we didn’t give up. Now, after more than 40 years (and thousands of lawns), we’re more confident than ever that we offer just the right blend of power and finesse.

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Fine-Tune Your Ride

Accessories are available for all of our Country Clipper models.

Country Clipper 7.2 bushel grass catcher.

Grass Catcher

Achieve a perfectly manicured lawn quickly and efficiently. The grass catcher features heavy-duty cloth bags with a tapered design to make removing and dumping debris easier.

Country Clipper mulch kit.

Mulch Kit

Country Clipper mowing decks can be converted to a mulching deck with the mulch kit. Installation will never be easier than it is with the stand-up deck.

Country Clipper Deck Lift Jack.

Deck Lift Jack

The deck lift jack enhances the benefit of the stand-up deck by easily raising the deck with a drill or the included hand crank (depending upon model).

Country Clipper LED light kit.

Light Kit

Bright LED lights are easy to install, giving you that extra bit of daylight for those shady spots. Kits vary by series.

Country Clipper hour meter.

Hour Meter

The hour meter makes it easier to calculate maintenance intervals.

Country Clipper hand rail.

Hand Rail & Front Step

The hand rail is designed to assist when getting on and off the mower. The front step adds convenience and safety.

Rear Engine Guard

Help protect your engine against damage from objects when moving in reverse.

Country Clipper left hand joystick steering.

Left Hand Joystick

Convert Country Clipper’s Joystick control to left hand operation. Only available on select models.

Compare the Specs

Take a look at the chart to see what accessories are available for each model in our Residential and Commercial Series.


Avenue Boulevard XLT Challenger Charger Boss XL
Grass Catcher O O O O O O
Mulch Kit O O O O O O
Deck Lift Jack O O O O O O
Light Kit O O O O O O
Hour Meter O S S S S S
Hand Rail O O O O O O
Front Step O O S S S S
Rear Engine Guard O O S S S S
Left Hand Joystick N/A N/A O O O O

O = Optional | S = Standard | N/A = Not Available