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Guy mowing with a Country Clipper zero-turn mower with joystick steering.

With up to six feet of cutting width, powerful Kawasaki engines and easy-to-maneuver controls, Country Clipper does the work for you, even cutting your mowing time in half vs. traditional mowers. We tackle any obstacle, gracefully maneuvering hills, bushes and the occasional garden gnome.

Where can I get one?

With Country Clipper, you’re free to enjoy mowing. Maybe for the first time.

Built like a tank with the agility of a jaguar.

Whether you mow a backyard, the back nine or an office park, Country Clipper makes the job easier.

  • Residential

    Starting at $4,899 MSRP


    Engines : Kawasaki FR600V, Kawasaki FR651V

    Cutting Widths : 42", 54"

  • Residential

    Starting at $5,999 MSRP


    Engines : Kawasaki FR691V

    Cutting Widths : 48", 54", 60"

  • Residential

    Starting at $7,999 MSRP


    Engines : Kawasaki FR730V

    Cutting Widths : 48", 52", 60"

  • Commercial



    Engines : Kawasaki FS730V, Kawasaki FX730V

    Cutting Widths : 52", 60"

  • Commercial



    Engines : Kawasaki FX850V

    Cutting Widths : 52", 60"

  • Commercial


    Boss XL

    Engines : Kawasaki FX1000V, Kawasaki FX921V

    Cutting Widths : 60", 72"

Make mowing a joyride.

Dual Steering Options.

Our unique joystick makes steering easy. Just point and go. It’s like a live-action video game disguised as a chore. Or if you prefer, our twin-lever steering system gives you precise control over any terrain.

The Maintenance-Friendly Stand-Up Deck.

Mowing’s messy. That’s why we created a stand-up deck that lets you clean underneath easily. Even do maintenance in minutes.

The Contour Deck Tracking System.

Everybody’s got uneven ground. But our ContourDTS™ pivots and contours to your lawn, keeping your ride smooth and your cut consistent.

Woman mowing on a Country Clipper XLT residential grade zero-turn mower with joystick steering.

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Country Clipper Boulevard residential grade zero-turn mower with joystick steering and front step hand rail.

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Country Clipper residential grade zero-turn mower with joystick steering in the front yard.

Financing and promotions

Of course, we’re going to make one of the easiest mowers to drive easy to buy.

Country Clipper zero-turn mowers at a trade show.

There are two types of people.
Those who love Country Clipper.
And those who will.

We live on a property with a unique combination of elevation changes, grass varieties and uneven terrain, and the XLT handles it all. I did quite a bit of research and am very glad that I chose a Country Clipper.

Justin D., Fort Worth, TX

Everything about the mower is awesome. I love the joystick controls and the quality of the cut is top notch. It has cut my mowing time by about 60% and that’s too bad cause I enjoy mowing with my XLT.

Parrish M., Bedford, IA

It is extremely maneuverable in tight places and around trees! It is also very comfortable to ride and is easy on my back, unlike my old ride on a tractor.

Stephen B. , Alberta, Canada