Own your land.

When you mow with Country Clipper, you’ll never be overmatched again. No lawn is too big, too hilly or too tree covered. That’s because for 40 years, we’ve focused on innovative features that help you conquer every square inch.


Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc., of Corydon, IA, a world leader in counter-flow grain drying equipment for farming, expands to include the Country Clipper division of zero-turn mowers. Yard work is never the same.

Country Clipper introduces the lawn and garden industry’s first joystick-operated zero-turn mower. Suddenly, mowing is like a live-action game disguised as a chore.



It’s a chore to clean your mower deck. Unless you have a Country Clipper. With our maintenance-friendly stand-up deck, you just flip it up, remove grass clippings and you’ll be inside the house relaxing in no time. 

We introduced the Contour DTS™ with pivoting front axle on select models. It pivots and contours to your yard on uneven terrain, ensuring your cut stays consistent even when your landscape isn’t. All four wheels stay on the ground, which is important when you’re using a machine with super-sharp spinning blades.


Guy mowing the lawn on a Country Clipper XLT residential grade zero-turn mower with joystick steering.

Innovators from Iowa

First it was an energy-saving way to dry grain with the Shivvers Continuous-Flow Drying System. Then it was an energy-saving way to tackle yard work with zero-turn mowers from Country Clipper.

American-made, family-owned, Shivvers Manufacturing was founded to solve problems on the farm and in the yard.

Our Country Clipper division designs and builds mowers in Corydon, Iowa, then sells them through a loyal dealer network across North America and beyond.

At Country Clipper, we take pride in offering innovative features that no one else can. So, you can take pride in a job well done.

We want you to enjoy mowing. Maybe for the first time.