Country Clipper, a division of Shivvers Manufacturing Inc., is excited to announce a partnership with Strategic America, an experienced marketing agency in the outdoor power industry, to complete an intensive Market Research & Brand Development project. The purpose of this project will be centered around the modernization of the Country Clipper brand and its recognition in the marketplace.

After more than 37 years of manufacturing zero-turn mowers, Country Clipper is embarking on this project to take a step back and understand their customers and the perception of both Country Clipper as a brand, as well as their products.

“We have a strong product that competes with any other option in the industry” said Dustin Shivvers, Marketing Manager at Country Clipper. “With unique features like Joystick & Twin Lever steering options or our maintenance friendly Stand-up Deck, a modern brand image that complements our product’s uniqueness is exceptionally important in creating memorable awareness. After all, people may consider products but they remember brands.” Market research will consist of a mixture of surveys, focus groups, and 1:1 interviews to gather an in-depth understanding of the industry with insights into the buying process, attitudes and behaviors, what features are important, and ultimately how branding influences the decision to purchase a zero-turn mower.

About Country Clipper Mowers

Country Clipper, located in Corydon, Iowa, is an innovative provider of mid-mount zero-turn mowers and accessories for lawn care professionals, and residential and estate homeowners. Building zero turn mowers since 1984 has allowed Country Clipper to build strong relationships through innovation, specialization and customer satisfaction. More information is available at

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