Country Clipper launches new deck tracking system, ContourDTS

Posted on Friday, February 14, 2020

Country Clipper is proud to announce the market innovative design, ContourDTS™.

This deck tracking system delivers on the promise of improved comfort ride, enhanced quality of cut and superior traction with a unique pivoting front axle and suspension design.

Short for Contour Deck Tracking System, ContourDTS  is standard on 4 Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower series.  The feature encompasses the articulating front axle and method of which the deck is suspended from each side of the axle.  This design allows the deck to track to the contour of the lawn, guided by each front wheel.  As one side of the deck raises to compensate for uneven terrain, the other remains in place to provide an even cut.  Providing up to 7” of front axle articulation, the ControurDTS feature will increase traction by allowing all four tires to remain contact with the ground.

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