Country Clipper Contributes Zero Turn Mower to the Universal Design Living Laboratory

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2013

Corydon, IA. Country Clipper Mowers, a division of Shivvers Manufacturing, contributed a Challenger Series Zero Turn mower with the new Hand Rail Accessory to the Universal Design Laboratory ( national demonstration home and garden project.  This unique 3,500 square foot ranch-style home, located in Columbus, Ohio, is designed specifically as a resource for others to learn how to create a more comfortable living environment and enhance the quality of life.

The UDLL, home of Rosemarie Rossetti and her husband Mark Leder, is used as a learning resource for builders, designers, architects and consumers.  The home incorporates unobtrusive universal designs, resource and energy efficient green building methods, advanced automation technology, a healthy home construction approach and feng shui design principles.  The home's gardens feature wheelchair accessible pathways with raised flower beds and container plantings.

Paralyzed from the waist down, Rossetti uses a manual wheelchair for mobility after sustaining a spinal cord injury in 1998.  As a horticulturist, she enjoys gardening and taking care of her home landscaping needs.  Country Clipper mowers with a joystick steering option afford her the opportunity to maintain her landscape for many years to come.  "When I use the joystick to go forward the mower went plenty fast for me," said Rossetti.  "I am able to guide the mower precisely with the joystick making turns, going forward as well as in reverse.  I was also able to cut around each of my trees eliminating the need for hand trimming."

The Country Clipper Zero Turn Mowers provide an open access seat design to assist, along with the hand rail, the operator's ability to get on and off the mower easily.  Used with Country Clipper's wide front step climbing into the seat has never been easier.

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