2015 Certificate of Achievement Award

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016

2015 Certificate of Achievement Award - Southside Welding DepartmentShivvers Manufacturing has recognized the Southside Welding Department for their extraordinary achievements in 2015.  We have completed the final reporting for 2015 and it has become very evident that one department has demonstrated a commitment to quality, performance and culture. The attitude, actions and dedication of this team have been paramount as we continue our journey of continuous improvement.  For their incredible efforts as a team to better their quality, performance, culture and workplace environment; the South Side Welding department is the 2015 recipient of the company’s Certificate of Achievement award.

Three outstanding areas that this team was noted for was “Housekeeping Excellence”, “Most Improved Productivity 2015” and “Best Single Week Productivity”.

In recognition of this achievement the Southside Welding Department was presented with Shivvers Team 2015 jackets, hats and certificates.

The Southside Brake Press group was the runner-up for “Most Improved Productivity” and the Sheet-Metal group was the runner-up for the “Best Single Week Productivity”.

The bar has been set high for 2016!

                        Which department will be our 2016 Achievement Award winners?

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