There are many great things we could say about Country Clipper Zero-Turn Mowers, but we'd rather you'd hear from our customers.

25 year old Country Clipper 25 year old Country Clipper 25 year old Country Clipper
I would just like to say that I couldn't be happier with the Country Clipper XLT I purchased earlier this year. We live on a property with a unique combination of elevation changes, grass varieties and uneven terrain and the XLT handles it all. The pop up deck has been handy on several occasions when I've gotten something stuck or needed to clean the deck. It was easy to learn how to operate the joystick control and the Kawasaki engine delivers more than enough power to get the job done. I did quite a bit of research and am very glad that I chose a Country Clipper.

Justin D.
Fort Worth, TX

I have a Jazee I purchased from Windstar in Magnolia. My wife really loves the mower and won't let me use it. She has loaned it to several neighbors and promoted it highly... You have a great product!

Ben R.
Magnolia, Texas

A couple months ago I decided to buy a new mower. My brother in law just purchased a Country Clipper and talked to me about them. Being as I never heard of Country Clipper I was very hesitant. I contacted the local dealer Maryville Outdoor and talked to them. I finally decided to buy a XLT 54". Now after putting about 5 hours on the mower I couldn't be happier with my decision. Everything about the mower is awesome. I love the joystick controls the quality of the cut is top notch. It has cut my mowing time by about 60% and that's too bad cause I enjoy mowing with my XLT. To top it all off its Made in Iowa. Thank you for such a great mower. I love it.

Parrish M.
Bedford, IA

We love the Country Clippers. They go go go! They have 60” & 72” decks and the power to go fast & still throw the grass away. No plugging up or back & forth mowing! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and no time to waste – Clippers are VERY DEPENDABLE! Thanks so much! You also have an awesome dealer in Don Howe in Dayton. He is very knowledgeable and kind. Spring… bring it… We’re ready & so are our Country Clippers.


Let me start by saying that I now enjoy cutting grass again. I have found this mower to be one of the fastest cutting and most enjoyable mowers to operate. After cutting my father's yard with his Country Clipper, I purchased my own.

B. Wayne W.
Elgin, SC

I though you might enjoy the fact that I have in my proud possession, one of your original mowers that is now 25 years old!! I bought it from an older man in Topeka, and it is in remarkable condition, right down to the original engine, and upholstery. Thanks for building such a great mower... it has exceeded all of my expectations!!!

Kerry K.

My father-in-law owns a rural residence that requires him to mow over two acres of lawn with lots and lots of trees. For years, he has struggled to keep ahead of the mowing with undersize, inadequate machines. I have frequently helped him mow just to keep up with it all. He recently purchased one of your Charger zero-turns with a 60 inch deck. I spent three hours on the machine yesterday and all I can say is "WOW" Good job, folks! Excellent machine. Well-engineered and built like a battle ship. I was mowing stuff 36 inches tall (seriously) and it never clogged up, bogged down, or had any problem at all. Personally, I believe this machine's capabilities are limited only by operator competency.

Dan J.
Amboy, Minnesota

Just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know the Boss is truly The Boss... definitely the class of the field. Your engineers have really done their homework on this equipment. My Boss runs circles around my neighbor's ***** and I love the stand-up deck.

Barry S.
Greenville, Mississippi

My father and I take professional care of both residential and commercial property. We run 2 clippers. My father has the 60" deck and I run the 52" Boss with the Joystick. No one touched that machine. I love it You have no idea what it was like to find a dependable and tough zero turn to professionally mow in these mountains. We got the Boss after three years of hell with junk zero turns that couldn't handle the rough terrain. It wasn't long before I was hooked and the tractor has not let us down a minute in 3 1/2 years. Thanks for building a good, tough, dependable mowing machine. We love them.

Michael B.
Butler, Tennessee

This is the best mower I've owned in 50 years. I have more than five acres to mow, so last year I bought this mower equipped with a 20 hp Kohler engine, 52" deck, and Joystick steering. I'd recommend it to anyone. I don't mind mowing lawns anyway, but this machine makes the job fun.

Gordon B.
Creston, Iowa

I am most certainly enjoying my new mower. It is more than I expected! It is extremely maneuverable in tight places and around trees! It is also very comfortable to ride and is easy on my back, unlike my old ride on tractor. I most certainly enjoy being able to flip the deck up to service the blades and clean under the deck. That was the selling feature that I saw on a Television Commercial. After seeing that, I knew that was the mower for me.

Stephen B.
Alberta, Canada

We love our two mowers we just bought from your dealer, here in Murfreesboro, TN from Douglas Small Engine Repair. Thanks again.

John & Jo S.
Christiana, TN

I love my 2009 Country Clipper Boss. You sit rather low, not up in the air as with some mowers. This makes it easy to cut under low hanging branches and to feel secure when cutting on a hill. When I’m done cutting the lawn it looks like a carpet. The tractor is easy to maintain and starts first time every time. The answered questions and service I have gotten from Country Clipper have been top notch. I feel I made a good investment that will last a long, long time.

Bill O.
Northwest Indiana

I would like to say that we are very pleased with how your Charger 52 has performed in the short time we have had it. (6 days) We have a small 10 acre Macadamia Nut Grove and Nursery and in the grove every bed has two rows of trees separated by a swell with an incline of about 30 degrees. Your Charger 52 handles these inclined with ease and we were able to cut so close to each tree that we feel we should save many man hours of trimmer time and trunk area of three… What normally has taken us in the past, two days to cut, I mowed with the Charger 52 in less than one day with minimum weed trimmer time. The Charger is clearly going to allow is more propagating time in the nursery and that is where we make our money, not in Grove maintenance. I thank you for referring us to John Prentice of Marietta Sentry. He arranged a demo for us on the 17 of June by his new sales rep, Jim Yelloshaun, whom we found very knowledgeable for the short time he has been with Marietta Sentry.

George A.
Madeira Beach, FL

I just purchased my first Country Clipper – Challenger 52” with 27 HP Kawasaki with joystick. I have never had a Zero Turn before, nor ever tried one. My previous mower was a 50” cut garden tractor with a 22 HP Kohler Command. I looked at other models and what made me decide on this brand and model was: Flip up front deck, Floating front axle, Joystick operation. I took my 14 year old son with me to test drive/mow and after just a few minutes he gave me the ‘thumbs up’ to tell me he liked riding it. That sealed the deal. It is easy to use and comfortable to ride. There is not much on this mower that can break or need repaired. I am glad I made this purchase and will definitely recommend this brand to others.

David B.
Fairfield, IA

It has been a little over a month since I purchased the Country Clipper “Charger” from your firm and I have done four mowings of the farm and Barney’s Prairie Christian Church. In a word, the machine is “Awesome!” The joystick control took about 15 minutes to master but it give the operator precision control. The 27 horsepower Kohler engine has loads of power, I have mown three-foot tall grass and it does not even work up a sweat. The low center of gravity and articulating front axle make it incredibly stable on hills and ditch banks. The design is a real head turner. We had contractors repairing wind damage to our barn and at the church. Both contractors stopped what they were doing and had me go through all the features of the machine. One said his brother bought a Jazee with the same joystick control because he had one arm amputated. Just wanted to let you know who pleased I am with this product. It is the first mower I have owned that makes mowing almost as comfortable as mowing from an easy chair.

Gerald B.
Mount Carmel, IL

Just though I would send a note about my machine I affectionately call the “Beast”. I bought a Country Clipper, used, back in 2003. It’s a commercial 2204M tractor with a 5204M deck. Joystick controls. It is a powerhouse mower capable of mowing anything from SRP to Golf Course greens. The deck cuts as level and clean as any mower I’ve ever owned. I went from a 4 wheeled tractor type mower to the Clipper. I used to take me three days just to mow my yard (3 acres). When I bought the Beast, my mowing time was cut down to just 3 hours! I have run this machine steady for nearly 10 years with just normal maintenance, until this summer. The engine finally and completely came apart through my own negligence. Since Kohler no long manufactures a CV22 engine I had to search for a replacement. I found a new engine that Kohler produces specifically for the Clipper, a CV680-3026. I got is shipped to me and today got it in place. My 2204M is now repowered with that engine and ready for many more years of service. Thanks to your engineering, the pioneer stage of ZTR’s puts you guys in first place.

Jack M.
Frankford, MO

I’ve had a great deal of pleasure operating the Jazee Pro. It has cut my mowing time from 4 ½ hours to that of 1 hour, 50 minutes and that’s not pushing the unit either. Thank you for such a wonderful product. The one thing that I had to add was a seat belt. I find it’s a lot more comfortable during the mowing and is also a lot more pleasant to grab a drink while on the mover. There is nothing that can put a grin on your face when you mowing along than a good cold beer.

Larry H.
Cookeville, TN

I sure do like your mowers. I saw them at Southern States in Brandywine, MD. Spoke to Mr. Dave Cross. I liked him plus he really knew your mowers. I am going to get a Kohler powered Pro. Have to work out the leasing deal yet. I don’t cut for a living just want a good mower for my home. The stand up deck is ok but the interesting thing to me is the joystick.

George D.
Riva, MD

I am totally delighted with the Jazee One, the difference in quality of construction between your product and the Toro’s and Cub’s I had looked at is staggering, they are simply not in the same ballpark with Country Clipper. And as a pilot, the joystick control figuration is just way too much fun… can’t wait for the grass to grow!

Jay S.
Houston, TX

I like my 2005 Country Clipper Jazee One zero turn riding mower. It’s a well-built, quality machine and has reduced my mowing and trimming time by half. The joystick control is very responsive, although it does take some time to get used to operating it. I’m looking forward to years of trouble-free mowing.

Dave H.
Spring Valley, MN

I just wanted to recognize Lawnmower Hospital for a pleasant experience on my purchase of the Country Clipper Jazee 52” mower today. The salesman, the guy that went through the mower and loaded it for me and your service guy were exemplary. Very pleased with his [salesman] knowledge of the Clipper and the time he took to explain the features and answering all my questions. Got the mower home and used it a couple minutes then it shut down on its own. Went through the troubleshooting part of the manual and still could not get it running so called your business [dealership]. The person I was talking to tried to help me out as best her could but was confused of the issue as I do he had your service guy, Dean, call me back. Your store closes at 5:30 and it was after Dean called… what service! I was thinking I would have to wait until the next day to get help. It only took a couple of questions from Dean and I was up and running. Have never enjoyed cutting grass as much as I did today. The only issue I had is I ran out of grass to cut.

Arnie M.
Alberta, Canada

I wanted to let you know I love my Jazee Pro mower. I compared with a John Deere mower in yard side by side there is no comparison. Keep making excellent mowers.

Dennis E.
LaPorte, IN

We purchased a Jazee from D&M Sales in Sioux Falls, SD in March and just wanted to let you know how much we’ve been enjoying it. It mows great and the bagger really saves us a lot of time. We’ve had the deck flipped-up a couple times and that process works exactly as advertised – which is really rare! It’s really easy, even with my limited mechanical ability! I especially enjoy how accessible all maintenance-related items are located and how well the unit is made – all steel, no plastic. It’s a tank! And its weight helps it ride more smoothly over rough spots. Duane & Marlene at D&M were great! They spent a lot of time demonstrating the unit and answering all our questions. I can’t imagine mowing with anything else now.

Dave W.
Sioux Falls, SD

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