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Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc. celebrates more than 50 years as a company that has led the way in energy efficient designs and concepts.   In 1968, Charles Shivvers, founder of Shivvers Manufacturing, created the tapered sweep auger, which became the basis for the first commercially successful Continuous-Flow Grain Drying System.  Shivvers Manufacturing transformed the industry again in 1984 with the development of the COMPU-DRY™ Command Center, the first computerized control unit for drying grain.  Today, Shivvers leads the world in automated Continuous Counter-Flow Grain Drying Systems.

Shivvers remains a family owned and operated business with Carl Shivvers as President.  Shivvers is proud to produce American made products and stands behind the integrity of those products.  Learn more at www.shivvers.com

Country Clipper

Launched in 1984, Shivvers created the Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower and was a leader ahead of its time.  Country Clipper produced zero turn mowers for other leading brands in the industry.  Today, Country Clipper designs and builds its own brand and has a loyal, dedicated dealer network throughout North America and other countries.  

For nearly 40 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential homeowners.  We are one of the first eight zero turn mower manufacturers in the industry.  Whether you are mowing a small yard, manicuring a 3-acre estate, or you are a lawn care professional, Country Clipper has a zero turn mower that will meet your needs.  Compare us to the competition and when you do, you will choose Country Clipper, as nothing else comes close.


Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Corydon, Iowa; 80 miles southeast of Des Moines.  Shivvers currently houses 120,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space on a 20 acre campus and employs approximately 150 associates from around the region.

Shivvers remains privately owned with annual sales exceeding 40 million dollars in agricultural and outdoor power equipment.  Shivvers is committed to providing innovative equipment that provides real value for their customers.  Shivvers success is a testimony to that commitment.

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