I thought you might enjoy the fact that I have in my proud possession, one of your original mowers that is now 25 years old!!  I bought it from an older man from Topeka, and it is in remarkable condition, right down to the original engine, and upholstery. thanks for building such a great mower... it has exceeded all of my expectations!!!!

Sincerely, Kerry K.




My father-in-law owns a rural residence that requires him to mow over two acres of lawn with lots and lots of trees. For years, he has struggled to keep ahead of the mowing with undersize, inadequate machines. I have frequently helped him mow just to keep up with it all. He recently purchased one of your Charger zero-turns with a 60 inch deck. I spent three hours on this machine yesterday and all I can say is "WOW!" Good job, folks!

Excellent machine. Well-engineered and built like a battle ship. I was mowing stuff 36 inches tall (seriously!) and it never clogged up, bogged down, or had any problem at all. Personally, I believe this machine's capabilities are limited only by operator competency. 

Dan J., Amboy, MN