Residential Mowers
by Country Clipper





18 hp Kawasaki FR600.
21.5 hp Kawasaki FR651,
or 23 hp Kohler KT730 Engines

41", 48" and 52" Cutting Widths

21.5 hp Kawasaki FR651,
24 hp Kawaski FR730,
23 hp Kohler KT730,

26 HP Kohler KT745 Engines

48" and 52" Cutting Widths

24 hp Kawasaki FR730 or
26 HP Kohler KT745 Engines

48", 52" and 60" Cutting Widths


Residential Features

Steering Options

  • Country Clipper mowers feature zero radius turning using our popular Point & Go Joystick or traditional twin lever steering control.
  • The highly responsive Joystick offers fingertip control of both direction and speed. With Joystick steering, you sit in a more natural position, making it less confined than most mowers. It’s easy to learn and makes mowing fun.
  • Our twin lever steering option provides traditional two-handed steering, while giving you the same smooth ride.

Versatile Cutting Deck

  • Every Country Clipper has a welded steel deck with additional laminated steel sheets at high stress locations and a leading edge triangular bullnose for strength and protection.
  • Country Clipper’s revolutionary patented Stand-Up Deck on every mower makes underside access for maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Drive System

  • Country Clipper residential mowers use top rated Hydro-Gear transaxles. Optimized engine size and load balancing components including a center-positioned fuel tank provide fast, agile response on hills as well as straight-aways.

Design Features

  • Our Hinged Flexible Discharge Chute allows you to trim close to fences, trees or other objects without damage to your mower. 
  • Country Clipper’s fully baffled, deep deck design will cut grass and disperse clippings more efficiently.
  • Heavy duty deck spindles with cast iron housings provide greater durability in rugged conditions.
  • Country Clipper’s frame design allows greater access to the working sections of the mower.
  • Built for strength, performance and power, Country Clipper's steel body and frame ensures durability.

Operator Convenience

  • The unique Point & Go Joystick steering option reduces operator fatigue and allows a free hand to keep those low hanging branches out of your face. Or what’s better on a hot day than to be able to enjoy your favorite beverage while you mow.
  • Country Clipper’s exclusive patented Stand-Up Deck eliminates the inconvenience of ramps or hoists for underside deck access.
  • When needing to leave the mower, the Operator Presence Control automatically stops the engine and blade rotation.
  • Country Clipper’s roomy operator platform provides you more space and maneuverability.

Many manufacturers list productivity at 100% efficiency. Country Clipper also lists productivity at 80% because we believe this better represents true mowing conditions by accounting for overlapping, terrain differences, and turning, which result in less than 100% efficiency.